Entry # 3 : Indomie Mi Goreng Satay Flavor


Just some background on Indomie, an Indonesian based brand. Indomie is the world’s largest instant noodle manufacturer.  Their noodles are seasoned with many Southeast Asian flavors. Their brand is not as prevalent in the United States as Maruchan, Nissin or Nong Shim. However, their varieties can be found easily in Asian specialty markets.

This review is on the popular Satay flavor. Satay is a traditional dish that originated in Indonesia and spread throughout Southeast Asia due to its popularity. Satay comprises of skewered and grilled meat that is usually served with a sauce made of peanuts and coconut oil.  The current background to this blog is actually chicken satay that Jen and I ate on the day of this blogs conception. Anywho, on to the review!!!

Packaging 2/3

Indomie actually packages their ramen in the traditional block package form that was popular before all these fancy cups and bowls existed. (This is actually our first non-bowl ramen review!) The package looks smaller than comparable brands in America. But then again, this was not developed specifically for the American Market (where everything is larger). It is an attractive package that clearly labels this as a stir-fry noodle (Read: no soup) . The primarily writing is in English with several phrases including translations in Chinese and Indonesian. The graphic is an attractive depiction of the potential of this noodle , but it depicts way more noodle than is actually included in the package.


Ease of Preparation 1/2

The instructions are just to boil the noodles until soft or to desired doneness, and then drain them and mix with all of the flavor packets (more on this later!) This is a little more annoying than other instant noodles but the effort is worth it!


Noodles 3/5

These noodles are meant to be eaten “stir-fried” style which is what Mi Goreng means in Indonesian. Don’t worry, you do not have to stir-fry these yourself. . These noodles are darker in color as they are 62% wheat flour. I don’t think this is particularly healthier than other ramen blocks as they are both deep fried before packaging.  What was interesting was that the water after cooking these noodles were a neon green/yellow. When cooked correctly (not too soggy), these noodles are springy and absorb the flavors of the sauce.

2013-04-01 19.21.10

Flavor 5/5

These noodles came with 5 flavor packets (sachets).  This is the most flavoring that I have ever seen in a instant noodle packet.  The foil packets contain Bumbu sauce powder and chili sauce powder. A quick google search states that Bumbu sauce is another name for satay sauce.  In the clear packets were Minyak Bumbu Seasoning oil, Kecap sweet soy sauce, and Bawang Goreng Fried onions.  The instructions say to mix to taste, but this was my first time trying this flavor and I mixed in all of the flavor packets. The resulting flavor was a deliciously nutty, oniony, garlicky and spicy all at the same time. You can really taste the difference of the sweet soy sauce (I keep a bottle of this in the fridge at all times). The crispy onions added a different texture that I appreciated.



This is different noodle than most college students usually eat. The slight increase in preparation difficulty is worth it in my opinion. The soupless result is a refreshing change of pace.  If you can ignore the prominent use of MSG and the weird green water, I would definitely recommend Indomie’s Mi Goreng Satay flavor. My only regret when eating this was sharing a bite with my roommate, as there were not many noodles to begin with.

Total Score 11/15

-Ben Tan


4 thoughts on “Entry # 3 : Indomie Mi Goreng Satay Flavor

  1. I must agree with you about this almost instant noodle dish. I eat a different variety and I happened to throw them in the cart for a trial. My only regret is that I didn’t just buy them exclusively. There is as you said a lot more ingredients included in this dish and also a lot more flavor. Thumbs up to this noodle dish. Delicious treat.

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